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Corn tortillas?

Good or bad? 

Trying to find alternatives to wheat.

  1. duhbitcheslovecake answered: Personally I hate them. I bought a bunch trying to make peace, but it was just no bueno.
  2. alyssa-removing-pounds answered: I love corn tortillas! I mainly have them when I am eating a fish wrap, I haven’t tried it with meat yet. They’re good with cabbage and fish
  3. duckyfeels answered: good! or you can just use a big piece of lettuce instead of using a tortilla at all
  4. what-a-daringdream answered: Make your own! It’s super fast and they make good wraps. Gluten free flour makes delicious tortillas :)
  5. i-am-the-warrior answered: i love corn tortillas :D
  6. slightlystrong answered: Corn tortillas are much healthier than whole wheat tortillas! Just read the labels, and you should know which to choose. :P
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