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im so jelly

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Wunder Under Crop

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the acceptance of her flaws is what made her flawless

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Trial and error with medication round 3.

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oh my gosh you can WHACK SEEDS OUT OF POMEGRANATES i’m buying like six of the things when i go grocery shopping this week

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I don’t know

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Everyone has a side that’s a troublesome child that doesn’t want to do shit. Who sabotages your goals and doesn’t want dicipline. Don’t go against it, work with it and teach this child how things are done.

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Damn that was a good nights sleep. My cousin is coming back today from the Caribbean and I’m excited.

Just took my meds. 205mg down on Keppra and 200mg up on carbatrol. I’m being weaned off of Keppra and yes. Just yes. YES.

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