Work out for today: Done!

I did this twice, and danced salsa also afterwards. I had black tea this morning, works great to energize me without giving me heart palpitations like coffee does.

Burned almost 650 calories in the end.

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i is scared of thunderstorms.

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Update On My Epilepsy →


Last doctor visit, my doctor increased keppra xr from 500 to 750 mg, and thus far i’m doing well. Last time on my menstrual cycle, with the new dose, didn’t trigger any symptoms. Gotta see how I do this month.

He wanted to see what he can do with the doses before we have to turn to some birth…

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I was eating some ground turkey with brown rice. And as I attempted to right tumblr into the address bar, I wrote turkey instead.

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need to follow people on their own weight loss journey to keep motivated! Reply with your weight loss/fitness twitter account? I just made a twitter for random thoughts throughout this journey and connected my weight loss/food diary intagram account and lose it as well so you guys can keep up more with me.

mine is stopsayingtmr

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Meal-prep, done! #planahead #mealprep #health #progress #weightloss #fitness #personal

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Well, at least I managed to go to the gym three times this week. Last week I only went twice. My goal is to make it a habit to go or workout at home, 6 times a week.

And as for my eating habits, although i would like to see less X’s… It’s much better then the weeks before hand. Im not binging or craving horribly like I used to. Progress is progress.

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whoops, yeah. I’m still alive. 

Just dealing with some stuff.

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First time I wear my yoga pants this year! Haha

Better late than never

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But its the Bronx, i lived here all my life, everybody's either puerto rican or domincan, i doubt they fired her because of race..

I know, it was so unexpected. I live in the Bronx too. But they didn’t give her any reason so we’re assuming the president is being racist.

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What reason was given for your professor being fired? I'd love to sign your petition but it gives absolutely no information about her actual departure other than the fact that she's Dominican. I don't feel right signing something that I have no background information about, just claiming racism but providing no proof that it was an act of racial bias. Surely the college gave a reason, even if it was just to cover up for their racism? What happened to consider this racism?

The reason we are calling out racism is because they gave her no reason at all :/

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Do you mean BCC as in Bronx Community College?

Yes! C: do you go there?

Oops this was supposed to be answered privately.
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My Sociology teacher was fired for racial reasons. And she’s a wonderful professor! A GREAT ROLE MODEL. She’s very important for the students at BCC. We really want her back on campus, she had so much to offer and this is just unfair! 

Please sign this petition

Please re-blog! Even if you’re not going to sign, re-blog this, spread this. Leave it up for a day on your blog at least. But please help us get out professor back! 

PLEASE. like seriously, reblog this. 


We only need 861 to sign the petition!

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